Tips For Picking Truck Rental Companies for Long Distance Movers

Tips For Picking Truck Rental Companies for Long Distance Movers

Moving truck rental is not as simple as it might seem. Not sure what size truck to rent? While sizes range from small truck rental trucks to mid-sized truck rental trucks, most truck rental facilities offer at least three different size trucks to choose from: a medium truck, a large truck, and a truck rental for moving in excess. There is also truck rental for moving in one large truck.

Renting the right truck for your move can be very important. If you are planning on using a truck rental for moving, then you should be aware of the following truck rental for moving tips that will help you get the best deal. The last thing you want to do is end up paying more for your move than you had planned. Here are some things to consider when renting a truck rental for moving.


Budget first. The first thing you need to do is determine how much you are going to spend on renting a truck rental. The amount of money you can spend on renting a moving truck varies greatly depending on how long the move will take and how far away you are from the origin point of your home. Calculate your moving expenses first and then look at other options, such as hiring a truck rental company or buying a trailer or semi-trailer, before deciding to rent a truck or buying supplies to transport your belongings.

Research several truck rental company options. The cost of truck rentals vary greatly depending on how far away you are from your home, and how large or small your belongings are. If you rent several trucks to transport boxes or furniture, then you may be able to save quite a bit of money. Call various truck rental companies to find out who can offer the best price around without sacrificing service, reputation, or size.

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Make sure you have all the paperwork ready. You cannot drive all over the country in your truck rental, so make sure you have your paperwork ready from the beginning. Even if you plan to use local movers, it is still a good idea to have your final destination listed on paper somewhere. Have important information ready like home address, contact information for local transportation, the date you will be moving, and detailed descriptions of all your belongings. Many moving companies offer free estimates, so make sure you ask about them as well.

Get a 500-mile move quote. If you rent a truck rental for commercial moves, then you will likely need to use it for at least 500 miles. To receive a truck rental for those kinds of large moves, you may want to contact moving companies who offer these rentals. Ask what they charge for a 500-mile move quote. The cost depends heavily on several factors, such as distance, truck sizes, and options like combining different types of shipments with the same company.

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Get a long-distance move quote. If you are moving long distances in a truck rental, you will most likely be looking for the best overall value. Not all truck rentals are created equal, so you will need to do your research to find out who offers the best overall value for your move. It is possible to look for great prices online, but long-distance moves require special pricing that often requires you to pay a premium to move your belongings at certain times.

Choose a truck rental company with the right size truck for your needs. Keep in mind that there are many different truck sizes available for truck rental companies. Some long-distance truck rental companies only accept large trucks, while others will only accept certain sizes of the box truck or other larger sized truck rental cars. To determine the truck rental options that best suit your needs, contact several companies so you can get an accurate price quote. Once you have decided what size truck rental vehicle you need, you can start contacting rental truck rental companies to book your move.

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